Terrorist Kayumba Nyamwasa, The Traitor!

In yet another post, terrorist Kayumba Nyamwasa tries to divert his audience from his true characters exposed. Character traits such as theft, cowardliness, and traitor were unmasked and have brought shame upon his name. In his interview, he also revealed his relationship with his senior sponsor in destabilizing Rwanda. “He clearly mentioned Museveni’s support for his RNC terrorist group.”

In his Facebook post on 9th September, the fugitive falsely smears Rwandan senior military officials such as Gen. Vincent Nyakarundi, Gen Patrick Nyamvumba, and Gen James Kabarebe. But this is one of his usual cheap tactics to tarnish Rwandan officials. He seats on the truth and prefers to share with his audience fabricated stories. Why doesn’t he share with them stories of hundreds of innocent Rwandans suffering torture in CMI (Ugandan Intelligence) dungeons after being abducted by both CMI and RNC agents?

While he chooses to tell lies about these Generals and their families, he does not mention the sorrow of parents of those he sent in DRC to fight for his interest. Almost 200 lost their lives and many more were injured. He also blankets series of assassination by his sponsor Museveni including the recent one that claimed the life of his nephew.

He embezzles his terrorist group to grow his businesses such as, transportation companies in Mozambique and supermarkets in South Africa that are never mentioned-yet a number of his rebels are already suspicious. He is nothing but a traitor.

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