Terrorist Kayumba Nyamwasa, The Real Criminal

In a Facebook post today morning, fugitive Kayumba Nyamwasa fantasizes about plots to assassinate him. But the evil terrorist mastermind ignores the 17 innocent Rwandans that grenades detonated by his operatives killed. These crimes happened in Rwanda between 2010 to 14, and additionally injured over 400 people.

The shameless Nyamwasa thinks people can easily forget that hundreds of innocent Rwandans have been abducted, harassed and tortured by his RNC agents in Uganda, with the help of Ugandan Military Intelligence (CMI). He thinks by bleating endlessly about Rwanda (or about Gen. Kabarebe) on Facebook people will forget all the harassment, abductions and illegal imprisonment of innocent Rwandans, one of their aim being forceful recruitment for his RNC terror group?

He can bleat all he wants. One day he will be made accountable.

Last weekend, Silas Hategekimana, a Rwandan, victim of torture in Uganda by CMI and its RNC sidekicks. He had spent 18 days in detention in Kampala, together with other several other Rwandan torture victims before being dumped at Kagitumba Border.

That is another of the thousands of crimes the fugitive is answerable for.

Another thing he can be sure of is this: the families of the more than 200 RNC fighter recently killed in the bushes of eastern Congo, when Nyamwasa’s ragtag force suffered a rout the fury of which they had never seen, will demand answers. They will step forward one day to ask why he lured their sons, to die for his illusions even as he enjoyed his luxury life in South Africa.

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