Fake Accusations By Terrorist Kayumba Nyamwasa

In another false accusation, terrorist Kayumba Nyamwasa tries to cover up his senior sponsor Yoweri Museveni’s assassinations by blaming Rwanda. This has been a strategy used by the anti-Rwanda propagandists in return of a paycheck from the Ugandan Head of State.

Last night, on 5th September, two individuals were assassinated by unknown people along Entebbe expressed high way. They were shot dead. The two victims were identified as Joshua Rugyera Nteireho and Maya Kamukazi. The Ugandan police claims that it still investigating the crime. But as usual the real criminals will get away with it and Rwanda will be smeared with the crime.

Crimes like these have been taking place for the past 33 years Museveni has been in power. We have been witnessing people close to “Exhibit1510” being assassinated and no action is taken to arrest the criminals. For the three-decade spent in power, Museveni has promised to improve security in Uganda, especially in the capital city. When Joan Kagezi, a Ugandan lawyer and prosecutor was assassinated, “Exhibit1510” said that he knew the murders but the Ugandan nation did not witness the trial of “the known criminals.”

Museveni has turned Rwanda into a scapegoat for the ever-rising violent crimes in his country. “The president has been issuing careless statements every time such murders happen and no one has ever been convicted for the same.” A statement made after the assassination of Ibrahim Abiriga, the former elected Member of Parliament for the Arua Municipality.

Fugitive Nyamwasa alleged that the victims were shot dead by “DMI agents”, without a single investigation. As it is commonly known, the real criminals are within the Ugandan security forces and innocent people will pay for that crime. “Truth is that the killers are within security and government,” said Idah Nantaba, the Ugandan Minister of State for ICT. She said this after surviving an assassination. She also said that Museveni stopped her from reporting her case to the police and ordered her to keep at her residence until he orders her otherwise. “I was shocked when a highly-placed person in security, who was trying to hatch a plan to have me assassinated, was promoted.” She added.

In a recent speech, Museveni assured the world that “Uganda is the safest country in the region.” He said this in South Africa during the World Economic Forum. But reports say otherwise. Over 10 people have been killed others kidnapped and found dead. Uganda is not a safe country at all!

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