Humiliation of Terrorist Kayumba Nyamwasa

After feeding his audience with false information, terrorist Kayumba Nyamwasa comes out with another post tarnishing Rwanda.

In his post yesterday, he alleged that “DMI” was behind the assassination of two Rwandans along Entebbe expressway.” An allegation that the Ugandan police disproved by clarifying that the victims were Ugandans. They were not Rwandans as the anti-Rwanda propagandists had started spreading false news. Shameful.

Terrorist Kayumba came up with 3 names of the female victim as well as different pictures, a sign that he was not sure about what he was talking about and whatever information he presented was nothing but forged stories.

He is known as a liar. Humiliation has become usual to the fugitive for he is always ashamed whenever the truth comes out. By pulling out lies, the terrorist thinks his thousands followers lost will be back. But seems even the little he had gotten have started unmasking his daily lies.

His fabricated stories show who he really is; an unprofessional character who start a story with almost no knowledge about it as long as Rwanda and Rwandans are tarnished.

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