The Weed Smoking RNC Propagandist Fakes an Open Letter To His Sponsor.

The weed-smoking David Himbara has come up with a charade of writing an open letter to his sponsor Yoweri Museveni on the faith of Rwandan refugees in Uganda. Referring to Uganda’s decision to stop issuing Prima Facie refugee status (or blanket status to a class considered at risk), HImbara writes to Museveni hoping that the decision will be reversed. As the RNC propagandist in chief, David Himbara’s links to Museveni are very easy to prove. They enjoy such close relations that Himbara could simply call but he could not pass on an occasion to tarnish Rwanda.

With regards to Rwanda refugees, it is important to note the cessation clause to Prima facie refugee status was pronounced in 2018, hence a change in Ugandan policy should mainly affect refugees from other countries. Rwanda is safe and welcoming, with the cessation declared, efforts are leaning to repatriation exercises. The declaration that Rwandans have no longer a reason to flee is made after extensive verification by the UNHCR and other refugee-hosting countries.

The NewTimes, on the 25th of June 2019, wrote, “On refugees, Museveni is the arsonist that sets fire on a house” and detailed how refugees are basically cash cows for his administration. The Ugandan President openly meddles in South Sudan, Congo and constantly tries to do the same with Rwanda. He literally creates refugees with his support of various armed groups and then embezzles funds destined to help them.

In his appeal to Museveni aka ‘Exhibit #1510’, the weed smoker calls for tougher background checks as the solution. When such words are coming from a senior member of RNC, the organization that is actively participating in the persecution of Rwandans in Uganda, then Rwandans living in Uganda should be worried. RNC and Ugandan Military Intelligence abduct and torture Rwandans who refuse to join their terrorist enterprise to destabilize Rwanda.

David Himbara is feigning concern for the refugees with the hidden agenda of luring more Rwandan refugees into RNC recruitment.

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