Museveni’s Plans to Destabilize Rwanda

For now two years, Rwandans on Ugandan soil have been subjected to inhuman torture; others have even lost their lives as a result. They’re abducted, harassed and tortured by security agents mainly from Ugandan Chieftaincy Military Intelligence (CMI) and Internal Security Organization (ISO). They’re illegally imprisoned under false accusations of “illegal entry and espionage.”

Among hundreds of Rwandans imprisoned, a few of them have been taken to court and their charges have been changing due to lack of facts. None of them have been charged. Rene Rutagungira is one of the Rwandan nationals abducted by Ugandan security agents in 2017 and has been brought to court only once.

According to international law, any foreigner imprisoned in a given country is provided support from his/her national embassy delegation and is given visitation rights. But Uganda has intentionally violated the law and has denied Rene his rights of being visited by his family or consular support even after many note verbal sent by the Rwandan High Commission in Kampala.

In May 2019, Rutagungira was brought to the General Court Martial in Makyinde which is contrary to the Ugandan Constitution which states that a military tribunal has no jurisdiction to try a civilian. Just like other many Rwandans subjected to torture, their families are worried about the mental and physical health of their beloved ones due to the kind of torture they go through.

Uganda is continuously aiming at destabilizing Rwanda with its collaboration with the Anti-Rwanda groups such as RNC terrorist group and FDLR, majority of its members being genocide perpetrators who fled the country. Recruitments for RNC rebels in Uganda is proceeding as Col CK Asiimwe, Deputy Director of CMI in charge of counter-terrorism is a coordinator of those activities together with Maj. Mushambo the UPDF Second Division head of counterintelligence operation,  Mbarara.  

Museveni offered diplomatic passport to a high ranking official, Charlotte Mukankusi, the same official he claimed to have met accidentally” in State House. He (Museveni) has also been laying strategies to destabilize Rwanda together with terrorist group.

To date, Rwandans still fear to travel to Uganda even after signing the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) because they’re still hunted by Museveni’s regime and his security agents.

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