RNC Troll, Sulah Against The Rwandan Travel Advisory

Sulah Wakabirigi, a CMI (Uganda Chieftaincy Military Intelligence) and RNC terrorist group senior official overseeing RNC operations in Uganda is complaining about the travel advisory about Rwandans crossing to Uganda. Lifting the travel is not possible until Museveni, also known as RNC chief sponsor, has released illegally detained Rwandans tortured in Ugandan prisons and intelligence agency dungeons.  

Fortunately, Wakabirigi won’t have so many Rwandans to torture, unless the paymaster of RNC terrorist group led by Kayumba Nyamwasa, “Exhibit1510” orders his thuggish CMI (Ugandan Chieftaincy Military Intelligence) to cease and desist from mistreatment and abuse of the rights of Rwandans with immediate effects, Sulah can be sure Kigali will not lift the travel advisory against Rwandans crossing to Uganda.

Sulah together with other CMI agents are on the hunt of Rwandans to be recruited in RNC. CK Asiimwe, the Deputy Director of CMI in charge of counter-terrorism and also in charge of supporting Rwandan terrorist groups together with Maj. Mushambo the UPDF Second Division head of counterintelligence and other CMI agents have been harassing and torturing those who refuse to be recruited as rebels in RNC.

 A number of Rwandans have been dumped once they are of no use to the CMI criminals on Rwanda-Uganda borderlines after being suffering torture. Now that Rwandans are advised not to travel to Uganda for security reasons, CMI trolls spend their time provoking Rwandans to see if they can lure them back and get a chance to abduct them. But this is not about to happen.

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