Ziggy Wine’s mysterious death

A statement from Uganda Police about the death of Michael Alinda commonly known as Ziggy Wine has turned up to be a forgery. The spokesperson of Ugandan police, Fred Enanga alleged that Ziggy died in a road accident on Sunday 4th August. From the “paid” eyewitness, Ataro, claims that Ziggy was riding a Honda motorcycle registration number UDC 433 before running into an accident along the Northern bypass in Kampala.

Ataro claims that she was injured and lost conscious, Ziggy died later on in Mulago hospital. However, a big number of Ugandan citizens believe all these stories are made up to clean up the fact that Ziggy was kidnapped and tortured by security agencies. One of his eyes and two fingers were missing. For many, Ziggy was known to be a strong supporter of People Power movement and for that fact; he was targeted as many opposition members are always eyed by security agencies most especially CMI and ISO.

Ataro, a nursery teacher claimed that she was coming from work on Sunday duties. This made many wonder which nursery school opens on a Sunday in Uganda. Another strange allegation was the different number plates of motorcycle that the police claimed to be the one Ziggy was riding when the accident occurred and the actual motorcycle that belonged to Ziggy. The number plate of the motorcycle claimed to be Ziggy’s was UDC 433 yet his real motorcycle was personalised.

Ziggy had flat iron burns on his body but the police claimed that he was burnt by the exhaust pipe of his sport bike motorcycle; the two types of burns are completely different. Sadly Ziggy Wine adds on the number of many opponents died in mysterious ways in Uganda.

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