Kayumba’s jealousy

The peace hater, Kayumba Nyamwasa had the audacity to criticise the invite of President Paul Kagame at the Mozambique peace signing between the FRELIMO government and RENAMO. The fugitive threw hateful and jealous words on his Facebook account expressing his disagreement on the presence of the Rwandan President in Mozambique claiming he is not qualified to attend peace signing events.

Terrorist Kayumba is a specialist of putting everyone in his failing category. He forgets that there are those who day and night strive to have a peaceful country at all cost unlike him who is pleased by creating conflicts and shade blood. President Paul kagame is among African Presidents with the most peace awards. In 2010, he received a Global Peace and Unity Services to Humanity Award at the fifth GPU event held in London. The award was in recognition of his achievement as a leader who has championed justice, reconciliation and unity of Rwandan people.

In 2012, H.E Paul Kagame was awarded with the African Peace Personality Award which he won after an online voting by African students/youth across the continent. In 2018 he received a peace award as head of state with excellent initiatives for peace. He was honoured for his contribution to African Union Chairmanship in 2018.

Nyamwasa who can only be awarded with terror award, is eaten up by all the peace awards received by the Rwandan President with merit yet he cannot even get himself a birth invitation. What made him angrier is that he has hidden interest in Mozambique. From the RNC funds meant to sponsor their terror activities, he bought a transport company in Mozambique and a supermarket in Pretoria. This has actual created tension between him and RNC rebels.

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