Uganda liberators turn law breakers

Museveni’s mouthpieces have found it difficult to understand the relationship between a liberator and the citizen. Liberating a country does not mean making it personal property. Hence every citizen’s right should be respected. But this is almost impossible in “Exhibit 1510” country.

They claim that Museveni contributed a lot in the Rwandan liberation struggle as though this should give him the right to turn it a second country under his rules. Although many Rwandan fighters were instrumental in bringing Museveni to power, Rwandans don’t claim ownership of Uganda like Museveni is trying to do with Rwanda. Rwanda is a country on its own with its values. No one can turn it into a personal property like the Museveni’s family did to Uganda and now they want to turn it into a monarchy.

Those who were together with Museveni in the bush war, have made themselves superior and feel they’re above the law as they can violate citizens’ rights as they are pleased. Gen Ggwanga is known to love his guns. During the time when his relatives were involved in a land wrangle, in Bulela, Wakiso District, Gen Ggwanga showed up his gun and threatened to shoot those who had land issues with his relative. In August 2017, Gen Ggwanga set fire to a tractor that was stationed at the piece of land where the wrangles were taking place.

Another example is of Gen Sejusa who, once shot in the air to dispense Muslims during prayer. This happened after being angered by the noise coming from the mosque near his former residence. Gen Salim Saleh, Museveni’s young brother who even feels superior to God, smoked in church while at the ceremony to bid farewell to retired Bishop of Kitgum Diocese in St Peter’s church Naguru.

All these Generals and many more, feel they gave too much to the country hence feel above the law and entitled to mistreat anyone they want. Unlike in Uganda, every Rwandan citizen is respected and knows his/her values that no one can violate all in the name of liberating the country.

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