Terrorist on recycling program

Fugitive’s recycling continues and today, he has brought back an article about his concern on human rights.

 After luring hundred to certain death in East Congo, Kayumba Nyamwasa –RPF Gakwerere on Facebook– is now pretending to be a human rights activist concerned about the well-being of Innocent Rwandans. Kayumba Nyamwasa attacks the Rwandan Police and its leadership with a fictitious list of killed Rwandan. The architect of grenades attacks against innocent Rwandans that killed more than 20 innocent Rwandans is using an old HRW report published in 2017.

The HRW report in question was debunked and proven to be a complete fabrication. The individuals HRW claimed to have been killed turned out to be alive and well, HRW agents were caught in their malicious attempt to fabricate a massive falsehood. Kayumba Nyamwasa’s recycling of fake news is not new, in fact, since his catastrophic defeat in East Congo, he has increased his flashbacks and reposting of fake news.

The phenomenon is simple, he needs to revamp his cycle of violence Kayumba always starts with lies and propaganda. With his Ugandan military intelligence (CMI) support, he circulates complete lies and fabrications in a coordinated smear and slander campaign targeting Rwanda. Simultaneously, CMI and Kayumba continue to harass innocent Rwandans to join their RNC creation. Those who refuse to join their terrorist enterprise are subjected to arbitrary arrest, torture and inhumane treatment, and illegal deportation.

The recently concluded summit in Angola (Angola, Rwanda, Uganda, DR Congo) that vowed to dislodge armed groups in East Congo panicked Kayumba Nyamwasa. He realized that all his propaganda had no effect on the region, the prospect of losing his main sponsor Museveni due to regional pressure getting closer and closer.

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