Recycling, the fugitive only way out

After his social media page was closed, specifically his Facebook account, Kayumba Nyamwasa has showed up with more lies and hateful articles. He is so desperate for losing thousands of followers and now, he is trying to entertain his 65 followers.

In his article, he alleged that Rwanda has deployed agents in the western region of Uganda. As usual, the fugitive can never provide proof for his allegations. He ignores the fact that every Rwandan is careful enough to cross to Uganda due to their insecurity caused by him together with Ugandan Chieftaincy Military Intelligence (CMI) and the entire government of Uganda.

Rwanda has no interest in Uganda for it is well off with or without Uganda. All that Rwanda is requesting from Ugandan authorities is to release over a thousand innocent Rwandans who are day and night tortured in different prisons and security cells.

The fugitive is not left with many options as the lack of content has driven him to recycle what he had published years back and he is using it as a way to get the attention that he already lost. He has become a looser in all ways he has tried to bring down Rwanda and its nationals and all he is left with are lies and hateful words to console his criminal self and those in his terrorist group RNC.

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