Kayumba Now a Church Matter Expert

The fugitive leader of a terrorist group, Kayumba Nyamwasa, came out to talk about churches being closed in Rwanda.

Rwanda set up a policy of all churches having legal and qualified church leaders in order not to mislead the Christians as it happened in the 1994 genocide against Tutsi. In Rwanda, Church leaders were involved in the killings something Christians did not expect as they ran to their church leaders for safety.

This created insecurity among Christians as they lost trust among church leaders who were involved in killings and rapes. To ensure that this never happens again, the government of Rwanda put up a policy that every church leader should be in position to lead Christians in the right way unlike the 1994 church leaders.

When Kayumba talks about churches, he ignores the fact that him and the RNC members abducted 40 Rwandans while they were in the middle of prayers. These refused to be recruited in RNC, which led to their abduction by CMI agents together with RNC members. With this, one can wonder how on earth Kayumba can be an advocate for churches yet he is the one behind abduction of Christians and church leaders.

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