RNC leader targeting Bobi Wine

Last night Kayumba Nyamwasa made the whole world wonder if his mental illness has worsened. Through his Facebook post, the fugitive said, “I stand before the altar, with a bible in the left hand and totally confirm with you that Pilato’s DMI machinery is behind the scene running the international PR drive of Bobi Wine.”

But this made many wonder which altar the mad fugitive would stand before. One commentator observed, “That altar must be satanic, his hand would catch fire if he ever tries to touch a bible.” Busting comments on his post are all asking Kayumba if he is “Pro President Museveni’s” while others are assuring him that Museveni will leave power. The majority of comments insisted that no one benefited from 33 years is of corruption in the country.

Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, leader of People Power party, has been outshining since he joined the Ugandan Parliament which gave President Museveni sleepless nights up to date. Bobi Wine became a threat and Museveni’s agents attempted to kill him but missed their target and hit his driver who was seated on the front seat of the car where Bobi Wine was supposed to seat. This did not stop them for they went ahead and arrested him on false allegations and was tortured.

Not only his supporters, but the whole world was behind him as they protested “Free Bobi Wine.” Museveni was left with no choice as the pressure was too much on his shoulders and ordered the release of Bobi Wine. International broadcasts such as Aljazeera and CNN couldn’t wait to interview him as the world needed to know how injustice reign in Uganda.

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