How Nyamwasa’s fantasies rhymes with insanity

Under his Facebook anonymous name “Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere”, Kayumba Nyamwasa has once again spread lies about Rwanda and Kenya tension. After the “tension” he has apparently invented, Kayumba is losing followers. He is now trying to create a diversion to resolve the situation.

In his post he mentioned that President Uhuru Kenyatta shunned away from President Paul Kagame’s invitation and forgets that the two heads of state have nothing but a peaceful and friendly relationship that turned into brotherhood. This kind of unity shakes up the fugitive since his evilness does not allow him to have peaceful relationships for his mind focuses on killing and destroying.

He also alleged that former Rwandan ambassador in Kenya, James Kimonyo was quietly expelled in 2018. This too is an allegation among many that fugitive Kayumba cannot prove if he is asked to provide proof. He thinks that every ambassador is as evil as him for he betrayed he’s country while he was appointed to represent Rwanda in India. He did not fulfil his assignment and decided to become a betrayal by going against the country’s rules and regulations. He ignores the fact that Ambassadors are assigned to other duties but chooses to spread baseless and false information.

Kayumba always paints Rwanda with false accusations as a way of consoling himself for all the failures that have been falling on him and his terrorist group RNC. He always spends sleepless night thinking about lies to feed his Facebook followers who, many times ignore him and doesn’t receive any comment as expected. This makes him panic for he knows that Rwandans are able to differentiate wrong and true information.

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  1. Njye ndifuza kukubwira ko; igihe aracyagifite gihagije cyo kwitekereza ho nk’umugabo. Inama yanjye namuha nuko yasaba imbabazi kubyo yakoreye uRwanda Nabanyarwanda. Ndizera neza ko imbabazi yazihabwa peee!! Uri ingufu z’urwanda turaburanye ko uhinduka ukaza ukubaka urwakubyaye hamwe nabandi. Ikindi nuko ushobora kuzasaba imbabazi zo kugabanyirizwa ibihano bitagishobotse.. Agapfa kaburiwe ni……

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