“Ibigarasha” fugitives, et al. cry crocodile tears as Kangondo dwellers move to better housing

Overseas-based anti-Rwanda elements are caught in yet another humiliating defeat, shedding lots of crocodile tears following a humanitarian move by the City of Kigali to relocate residents of Kangondo and Kibiraro slums to Busanza model village in Kicukiro District. The well-being of Rwandans is very painful for these bigarasha crooks!

All of them failed the demands of accountability back in Rwanda and escaped justice, some to join the RNC terrorist group, and others genocidaires circles such as FDU-Inkingi, FDLR membership, or Jambo ASBL, the offspring of the main perpetrators of genocide who also are the main yappers in this particular case.

These so-called “Rwandan opposition political parties”, are doing all they can to exploit the relocation of the Kangondo and Kibiraro residents (to better housing) but trying to incite the latter to revolt against their elected leaders! They are running a coordinated propaganda campaign for this, but at the end of the day they will fail. Because they are lying, and what they are fighting is a good thing.

What they are fighting is that some 614 families, comprising 2,558 people, are going to better apartments than dilapidated slums. Even the few people that tried to resist this good initiative have seen their mistake (which they were incited into making by Ibigarasha and their sidekicks like “gatanyamiryango”.

Moreover these “Ibigarasha” and the genocide fugitives living freely in Europe (or their children of Jambo asbl) only enjoy exploiting Rwandans suffering – yet they live in apartments in Europe (on taxpayer money of Europeans!) If one were to tell them to live in “bannyahe”, they would never accept that!

These crooks deserves only contempt.

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