RNC bigmouthed stooge Murunganwa alias Himbara is disillusioned by Rwanda’s milestones in the education sector

Canadian based, Rwanda National Congress-RNC terror outfit mouthpiece David Murunganwa aka Himbara ( a man who doctored his academic grades) can’t help imagine the speed at which things evolve in Rwanda.

It’s beyond any reasonable doubt that President Kagame revamped the education sector, only a visually impaired weed-smocking Himbara won’t notice that.

Indisputable facts show President Kagame has delivered on his education pledges. He has built robust education infrastructure across the country. Smart classrooms equipped with high-tech computer labs connected on the fiber optic internet grid which enable students’ to access internet resources and undertaking virtual lectures.

In the government’s increased budget spendings of Rwf4,6 trillion of the current fiscal year, education takes a big share amongst the top priorities. More additional classrooms, new schools are set to constructed countrywide as part of the deliverables outlines in the National Strategy Transformation-NST1.

Under its program to decongest schools, in October 2021, the Rwandan government had built over 22,214 classrooms which account for 98.8% against the set target of 22,505 new classrooms by the end of 2021.

The RNC stooge Murunganwa’s doctored statistics and ill will won’t deter Rwanda from progressing. The country is poised to achieve its ambitions goals and it has constantly proven that it can.

Heroin-sniffer Himbara should concentrate on properly taking his medication for his chronic mental breakdown.

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