Anti-Rwanda elements suffer a major blow as relocation of Kangondo dwellers ends incident-free

The nasty slums of Kangondo and Kibiraro infamously known as “Bannyahe” is no more, and more importantly the lives of thousands of citizens who used to live there are now improved and safer after relocating to decent apartments at Busanza. All this is as a result of the government’s policy to protect its citizens from calamities by promoting better housing, kudos to the government that consistently walks the talk.

It is, however, a different story for the overseas-based groups; anti-Rwanda elements who are currently grappling with a damning defeat after having relentlessly smeared the relocation of slum dwellers to better housing. Their shameless and evil propaganda effort has achieved nothing, as it should.

The crooks include “ibigarasha” that failed the demands of accountability back in Rwanda and escaped justice, some to join the RNC terrorist group, and others in genocidaires circles such as FDU-Inkingi, FDLR, Jambo ASBL members made of the offspring of the perpetrators of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi. What would one expect of them!

The criminals were hatching lies against the relocation program day and night, lying their heads off to make it fail! They even tried to incite a citizens’ uprising. Whatever they could do, people were peacefully relocated, and the exercise ended incident free. More than 5000 people relocating from the high-risk zones Kangondo 1, Kangondo 2 and Kibiraro villages in Remera Sector, to the new Estate in Busanza, Kicukiro District.

The relocated citizens are happy and thankful to the government for giving them a better life.

Rwanda moves forward.

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