BEWARE: campaign of Tutsi witch-hunts exacerbated as Kinshasa adopts new genocide template

Things are increasingly getting worse as days pass for Kinyarwanda-speaking Congolese Tutsi citizens, with the Tshisekedi regime forging new ways to fast-track a silent genocide against them. Now the Congolese government has designated the Congolese Tutsi citizens in DRC, as “enemies of the country.” This is genocidal language, pure and simple!

This time around, Kinshasa has announced an urgent nationwide population and housing census. The prime objective of this so-called census is to ascertain “Rwandan nationals”, allegedly to take out those that “masquerade themselves as Congolese citizens, yet they are not.” This is according to the local census body’s (ONIP) announcement last week.

“Masquerader” has a particular connotation when it comes to the Congolese political landscape. It is spoken with a double meaning, as the speakers mean that Kinyarwanda-speaking Tutsi communities are not even Congolese! This is to deprive them of rights, and dehumanize them, to target them for genocide and other crimes against humanity.

We know why the Tshisekedi regime behaves so dangerously: it is their damning failures of governance, including failure to restore peace and stability in Eastern Congo.

To no one’s surprise, the malicious census is set to roll out under the aegis of Tshisekedi’s political party, UDPS. The same machine that has been masterminding the Tutsi witch-hunting campaigns across the country through hate speeches and ethnic stereotyping.

Rwanda and regional countries at large have never ceased to urge Kinshasa to shun hate speech and ethnic stereotyping against Congolese Tutsi and Kinyarwanda-speaking communities in DRC. This quest has always fallen on deaf ears, as the Tutsi witch-hunting campaign is increasingly getting worse as days go by.
As the U. S Secretary of State, Antony Blinken remarked, “We know that Rwandans are also alarmed justifiably by the increase in hate speech, in the DRC targeting Rwandaphones.” He said while addressing a press conference in Kigali.

“The United States will continue to condemn such unacceptable and dangerous rhetoric and I encourage President Tshisekedi as government to do the same.” The top U.S diplomat added.

The world must stop watching by translating words into action. – the International Criminal Court (ICC) should indict Tshisekedi and his inner circle for genocide and crimes against humanity since DRC is a member of the same court.

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