Tshisekedi deeply complicit in silent genocide against Congolese Tutsi

The campaign of violence and hate speech sweeping through the Democratic Republic of Congo is fueled by a government that is strongly intended for ethnic cleansing.

An ethnic cleansing campaign is underway, targeting Congolese Tutsi and all Kinyarwanda communities. This is thanks to Tshisekedi’s leadership, in conjunction with the army and terror groups who are endorsing and spreading hate speech to speed up the genocide crisis.

And in all this humanitarian crisis, Tshisekedi comes out to blame Rwanda for his own doings, playing the victim card while the world watches silently.

What is happening to Congolese Tutsi communities in the DRC is a slaughter in silence, and this wave of violence is ignored by those who ought to act, but chose to watch tight-lipped.

Despite Antony Blinken’s remarks and call to Tshisekedi to put an end to the continued crimes against humanity and his bedding of terrorist groups like FDLR, persecution is still in full gear.

There is no shortage of violence, unrest, and hate speech in DRC, and that is Tshisekedi’s responsibility.

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