Genocide survivor impostor Gatebuke pushes hard to promote his unsellable “book”, thinks smearing Rwanda will help

In a podcast dubbed “Africa is home”, genocide survivor impostor Claude Gatebuke held a lengthy talk. As usual, the double genocide ideologue was caught in his web of devious tactics that promote double genocide and conceal genocidaires’ crimes.

The clown Gatebuke attempts to also lay a sort of legitimacy to the blacklisted genocidal, terrorist outfit- FDLR that has threatened the Great Lakes Region’s security for decades.

Every time Gatebuke speaks, the masquerader has to push his tired narratives of double genocide using the discredited “Mapping Report”.

This time in the podcast, the cheat found a duo of gullible hosts who are totally green about the rejection of the so-called report due to its biases, discrepancies, and inaccuracies.

The two psychopaths had no knowledge to challenge Gatebuke’s poisonous narrative. They let him concoct the course of history as he promotes his discredited co-authored book “SURVIVORS UNCESORED”, a book that continues to gather dust in book shelves without interested buyers.

Whenever the crooked agent Gatebuke opens his big mouth, he should bear in mind that the public knows him. Gatebuke belongs in the financial networks that fund FDLR- a blacklisted genocidal and terrorist group responsible for perpetrating the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi.

Gatebuke takes part in FDLR’s clandestine recruitment and training operations in the Eastern DRC. It’s noteworthy to remind readers that FDLR was responsible for the several shelling on Rwanda territory.

The lunatic fraudster Gatebuke thinks he can tarnish the Rwandan government’s image with his flawed reports, nonetheless he can only delude his small circle.

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