UN Group of Experts report serves as cover up for MONUSCO’s failure

The “leaking” of the United Nations Group of Experts report was a last-ditch attempt by the UN to appease DRC authorities (whom have been pushing for MONUSCO’s exit) in a scheme to extend MONUSCO’s mandate notwithstanding the failure to discharge its mandate.

Before, the unsubstantiated report was leaked, MONUSCO headquarters was attacked, ransacked, and looted by President Tshisekedi’s ruling coalition UDPS youth league mob. The riots were fueled by Tshisekedi and his henchmen with a mission to push MONUSCO out of DRC, the UN force had been accused of being reluctant towards endorsing the regime’s scapegoating propaganda against Rwanda.

The pressure piled up further when DRC expelled MONUSCO spokesperson, in the quest to save the UN agency in Congo, the so-called UN Group of Experts prematurely concocted a report pinning Rwanda in rampant DRC internal conflicts and leaked it to the international media. For them, Rwanda must be a scapegoat to pamper the crying baby.

The exploitative report turned a blind eye to the gordian knot of the East Congo’s crisis. The region harbors more than a hundred of active armed rebels including the blacklisted genocidal and terrorist group-FDLR. In the mission to downplay the FDLR threat, the report also failed to capture the recent incident of shelling on Rwandan soil, which resulted into deaths, injuries and destruction of property. The so-called experts knew very well that the attack was, jointly, carried out by FDLR and FARDC with backing of MONUSCO.

In truth, Rwanda is being blackmailed by the UN, an institution whose mission is to stabilize the region but has failed to do so for decades. However, since it is important to legitimize their existence in the mineral rich Congo, Rwanda should be blamed for the mess in DRC. Rwanda has become a victim of her reckless neighbor.

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