Mukwege’s failure to condemn FDLR is actual complicity in its terror agenda

Over the weekend Denis Mukwege, the controversial Nobel Peace Prize laureate and the unscrupulous Congolese medical doctor called for his sponsors (western community) to take sanctions against Rwanda.

The known pawn of the west was making reference to the recent sham and flawed report by a group of unknown people allegedly working for UN as experts. The report accused Rwanda of supporting M23 rebel group, accusations which have been trashed on basis of lack of empirical evidences.

Mukwege just like many of amateurish politicians in DRC have always wanted to capitalize on troubles of own country to push their selfish agenda but it ended rather bad and bloody on their side or Congolese themselves. Both Mukwege and his supporters know very well sanctions against Rwanda would not help DRC find a robust, holistic and lasting solution to its inflicted problems.

In this time of the era, any mature politician who seeks to make a difference and earn trust of people is a politician who can assure peace over war, calmness over tensions, a person who advocate for diplomatic bridges not walls. For Mukwege and the Co, that is a myth.

One would not be wrong to categorically state that Mukwege is an advocate of FDLR. A quick reminder that when a resolution to send to DRC a regional force- East Africa Standby Force was adopted by the previous Luanda Tripartite Summit, Mukwege was quick to claim that it would be a waste of time and resources, in fact he preferred the extension of MONUSCO mandate as opposed to any new force in DRC.

In the absence of MONUSCO and FDLR, Mukwege would not have acquired whatever fame he claims to have. Both MONUSCO and Mukwege know without the presence of FDLR on the Congolese soil, they would be poor. Unfortunately, the genocidal and terror group is not only a danger to Congolese themselves it is also a regional troublemaker.

Mukwege’s allegations should be treated with the contempt they deserve, and when the rubber meets the road, his shoddy dealings will be exposed.

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