Tshisekedi and his henchmen recommitted to exterminating Congolese Tutsi

The expulsion of the spokesperson of MONUSCO whom Tshisekedi and his henchmen accuse of making “indelicate and inopportune” statements, confirms yet again the regime’s ploy to chase the United Nations forces out of DRC in order to pave way for further persecution of Kinyarwanda-speaking Congolese Tutsi. The folly attempt has come amidst the ongoing silent genocide happening in Congo and growing alliance between the blacklisted genocidal, terrorist group- FDLR and the government forces-FARDC.

Since the resurgence of M23 rebel movement, Tshisekedi regime embarked on a disinformation campaign to disseminate hate speeches targeting Kinyarwanda-speaking Congolese calling them accomplices of the M23 rebel group. This resulted in several atrocities perpetrated against Congolese Tutsi who continue to endure all sorts of hostility including cannibalism.

With the current overwhelming evidence on FDLR being a regional threat, the Tshisekedi regime still deems it fit to cooperate with FDLR, an outfit made of remnants of genocidaires. One of the FDLR’s top combatants, “Col” Jean De Dieur Ndahayo a.k.a. Vumilia was, this week, gunned down while fighting for the Congolese army in Jomba, Rutshuru region, another testament that FDLR is directly involved in the Congolese affairs.

Those who think can still ride on falsehoods and fact distortion, they should listen to testimonies from hundreds of FDLR combatants captured on the frontline fighting for FARDC against M23

Committing all these sorts of international crimes and oust the MONUSCO reaffirms Tshisekedi’s commitment to exterminate the targeted Tutsi and bury the evidence of undocumented crimes against humanity. However, it’s just a matter of time, the day of reckoning nears.

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