Supremacy battles deepen within the Kinshasa-backed FDLR, as top terrorist combatant is killed

Things continue to fall apart within FDLR – the notorious anti-Rwanda group born of ex-FAR and Interahamwe genocidaires, especially in a new sanctuary that the Tshisekedi regime has given the blacklisted genocidal group, in the Virunga National Park bordering Rwanda.

The terrorists’ commanders are currently embroiled in infightings of which poison is the magic weapon that is laying waste to whoever is perceived to be an “infiltrator working with the Government of Rwanda.”

FDLR commanders who call themselves “Abakiga” – those are the crooks who hail from Northwest parts of Rwanda where the genocidal tyrant Juvenal Habyarimana alias “Kinani” also had roots, turned against their fellows from Southern parts of the country who are portrayed as “Abanyenduga” accusing them of collaborating with Rwanda.

It is against that backdrop that a certain “Col” Jean de Dieu Ndahayo a.k.a Vumilia considered as the leader of the Southerners succumbed to poison yesterday as part of an ongoing scheme to eliminate the Southerners.

Well, FDLR terrorists are on each other’s neck at the time when they are also fighting alongside the Congolese army (FARDC) in a Congolese civil war pitting FARDC against the M23 rebel movement.

A report that the UN Group of Experts issued in mid-June revealed that Kinshasa had guaranteed the FDLR full control of Virunga National Park bordering Rwanda and that the genocidal and terrorist group was using the park to re-organize itself by mainly doing mass recruitment across the Eastern part of the country in an attempt to harm Rwanda’s security.

Rwanda’s demand to the DRC authorities has always been to arrest FDLR criminals, bring them to book or deport them to their native country for trial; something that always falls on deaf ears. Rather, DRC opted to give FDLR a semblance of legitimacy, notwithstanding the history and the gravity of crimes against humanity it never ceases to perpetrate in Rwanda and Congo.

However, Tshisekedi’s regime will feel the consequences of its miscalculations soon rather than later.

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