By accusing Rwanda on DRC internal affairs, Martini Fayulu is slated to lose again

One has to watch the recent nauseating, illogical, uninformed and reckless speech by Martin Fayulu to confirm that DRC and its politicians are doomed to failure, especially with their blame games against Rwanda, to deflect from their internal problems and weaknesses.

Fayulu, the so-called opposition politician in DRC, who lost to Felix Tshisekedi in the previous presidential elections (but preferred to refer to himself as president-elect) was addressing Congolese in Kinshasa, yesterday under an event termed ‘Congolese Genocide Commemoration.’

In his reckless speech, the failed politician accused Rwanda of committing Genocide in DRC (under a new coined terminology ‘Genocost’) by calling for the resumption and validation of the discredited UN Mapping Report adding that there is a need to create an international tribunal for crimes committed in DRC.

First things first, Congolese should stop misusing the word genocide if they want to be taken seriously. The tendency of always throwing that word in every statement they make trying to implicate Rwanda makes it less compelling and appealing especially when one doesn’t care to evidence it through seven known stages.

For a genocide to happen there has to be preparation that is based on classification, symbolization, discrimination, dehumanization, persecution, extermination of the targeted victims before the perpetrators embark on the last stage which is denial. Of all Congolese who accuse Rwanda to have committed genocide in DRC no one bothered to put an empirical evidence to those stages.

Secondly, Martini Fayulu might believe he is winning hearts of gullible Congolese by invoking the shelved and discredited UN Mapping report, but little does he know it is a failed strategy. UN mapping report was a political tool used by some foreign agents and a small section of DRC politicians that wanted to slap the misery of Congo to Rwanda. However, the report never saw the light of day, the UN supreme organ trashed it.

Fayulu should stop thinking that he will ascend to power by demonizing Rwanda on DRC internal matters. If anything he should look at former DRC leaders and pick a lesson, working with Rwanda is far better than poking it on fabricated charges.

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