Outrage as unapologetic genocide denier Ingabire likens genocide victims to perpetrators

Convicted genocide denier Ingabire Victoire Umuhoza (IVU) has been involved in yet more criminality, rubbing salt in the bleeding wounds of the survivors of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

The heartless IVU who only enjoys exploiting people’s suffering in her futile efforts to win the accolade of “opposition figure,” has blatantly equated Kayibanda and Habyarimana regimes that masterminded the genocide with brave men and women of RPF that stopped it and liberated Rwandans from the brutal and ruthless regimes.

The unrepentant convict Ingabire authored an opinion piece in the Kenyan-based tabloid-‘Elephant’ in which she ostensibly chronicled a series of events that brought about displacement of people in Rwanda while insinuating that the RPF-led government has created “a new exodus of thousands of Rwandan refugees into exile”.

The rogue woman disparaged the fact that the United Nations invoked the Cessation Clause that declares Rwanda safe for Rwandan refugees across the world to return.

However, the “refugees” that Ingabire was hinting at were genocidaires and Interahamwe, and other crooks known as “Ibigarasha” who fled the country having pending criminal cases in the judiciary for which they are wanted. Some have failed accountability demands of the system of governance and had to flee only to show up in the media and social networks posing as the “government critics”.

The untamable woman went on to throw the Rwandan President and the genocidal tyrant Juvenal Habyarimana alias “Kinani” in the same basket as “the violators of human rights”. It’s unbearable to compare the country liberator to a mastermind of the genocide and divisive politics that claimed the lives of more than a million Tutsi victims.

A lingering question in people’s conversation is whether this woman Ingabire is above the law since she is increasingly repeating crimes that saw her sentenced to a 15-year-jail term only to be released on the presidential pardon. Ingabire needs to be reminded the terms she had set by herself while applying for that parole, she begged and pledged to desist in any sort of criminality and become law-abiding citizen, albeit she yet to change.

The very latest crime she recommitted was to incite the masses to revolt against the elected government (https://ellenkampire.com/2022/07/30/call-for-urgent-action-as-unrepentant-criminal-ingabire-openly-incites-masses-to-revolt-against-elected-government/)

As stated time without number Ingabire should be put back to where she belongs (in the prison) as she is not above the law to keep repeating crimes and get away with it!

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