Call for urgent action as unrepentant criminal Ingabire openly incites masses to revolt against elected government

Convicted genocide denier Ingabire Victoire Umuhoza (IVU) is increasingly proving that she never learned a thing from what took her to jail. The rogue woman is determinedly committed to repeat the very same crimes which saw the judiciary handing her 15 years in Prison.

One of her crimes was inciting the masses to revolt against the government; to everyone’s surprise, the untamable woman has this week taken to social media to incite Rwandans from across the country into revolting against the sitting government in the pursuit of what she grappled to explain as “change without bloodshed”.

The unapologetic criminal IVU made the shocking pronouncements while speaking on a YouTube channel by an infamous self-exiled genocide apologist, Jean Claude Mulindahabi. In the talk show, Ingabire was petitioning the International Community to weigh in and pressure the Rwandan Government into accepting what she called the “Inter-Rwandan Dialogue before the 2024 general elections”. This has been the case, IVU wants to draw the International Community’s attention to her tribulations and quest to transitioning from a convicted criminal to an “opposition politician”.

In yet another criminal act of belittling and denying the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, Ingabire published an opinion piece in a Belgian Newspaper Le Vif in which she claimed that there were conflicts amongst Rwandans due to the “absence of a memorial site to the victims of war crimes committed in Rwanda”. Such are insinuations of the “Double Genocide” rhetoric that she has been selling to unwitting communities overseas.

The unrepentant genocide denier was that time echoing an incendiary statement she made in 2010 upon her return from the Netherlands where she incensed Genocide survivors when she said, right at the Gisozi memorial site, “it was a symbol of the Genocide against the Tutsi only, but Hutu victims also had to be remembered.”

History won’t forget that in September 2018, Ingabire benefited from presidential clemency and got released from prison, only to start abusing that clemency. She had written to the President many times begging for clemency and committing to change, something she has never done.

It is high time for the concerned institutions to consider putting this revisionist criminal’s evil deeds under fresh investigations to ascertain whether her parole should be revoked or not. However, from the look of things, she should be thrown back to prison to serve her remaining sentence.

Ingabire is no different from other Rwandan citizens, she must be held to account for the crimes she repeatedly commits.

Justice delayed is justice denied!

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