Gatebuke and Co’s fraudulent book gets backlash despite countless campaigns

Desperation marred with attention-seeking, Gatebuke and his fellow genocide deniers are struggling to have their discredited and misleading book gain readers and high sales on social media. Due to their repetitive double genocide agenda, these genocide revisionists are currently dealing with the backlash against what they call ‘survival voices’ while they are merely a series of fabrications to publicize their regular genocide denialism agenda.

The public’s objection is deriving from the fact that the book’s authors mainly made of genocide survivor impostors, who not only distort facts but also negate the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi which was precisely recognized by the United Nations.

Seeking relevance as usual, with the help from Judi Rever, a notorious genocidaires’ sympathizer, they also push the anti-Rwanda narratives to propagate falsehoods around Rwanda’s social cohesion achievements along with other prioritized agenda. In fact, Gatebuke being the main campaigner from the very beginning even before the book launch and spreading utterances faces an uphill battle to market his falsehoods in form of a book. His opportunistic traits of luring people to swindle them will boomerang on him soon rather than later.

Mostly, Gatebuke does scam those who fall for his misleading covert tactical ways of organizing numerous hoaxes on the internet namely ‘Ribara Uwariraye’ stories in which he interviews those he shares the same genocide ideology with. In addition, he later exploited them in the actual fictitious book.

Gatebuke falsely poses as a genocide survivor yet he is the son of a well-known Hutu Justin Gatebuke, besides, he is conflicted enough not to accept his real identity.

Gatebuke and his fellow genocide ideologues who masquerade themselves as human rights activists should face the consequences of disseminating smears because, in the end, they will lose.

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