To the international community: Congolese rulers are only bashing Rwanda for votes, its elections season

Tshisekedi will make sure that it matters very little how many bilateral agreements between Rwanda and DR Congo have been signed and at what diplomatic level. The Tshisekedi regime will collapse any agreements when election season comes. Bashing Rwanda is fashionable during Congolese election period, and whoever blares the most belligerent hate messages thinks it’s the winning strategy.

This is what the world is experiencing today, with the uncoordinated statements by various political and military leaders. 2023 is within sight and what is clear is that the hitherto well-guarded secret is now public knowledge-making populist attacks against Rwanda will win you enough votes to make you the ruler of Congo, and all you need to do after winning the first spot is sit tight and do nothing tangible for the people and the country but yourself. You are only involved in activities whose end is to fatten your bank accounts as much as possible as you wait until the next election season when you would come out to make loud threats against Rwanda, blaming them for your failure to deliver any service to the people.

Ladies and gentlemen, the silly season is upon us again, and the Rwanda bashing is in high gear.

But why should Rwanda continue to be used as the favorite political campaign tool by Congolese leaders aspiring to join the list of plunders and mismanagers of their country’s affairs? Rwandans are tired of these theatrics because it consumes unnecessary time and energy. Rwandans are busy people who have no time for political theatrics that Congolese leaders want to involve them in every time a presidential mandate concludes.

Unfortunately, some clueless global actors have not been let in on the now open secret. It is high time the world gets to know that these are nothing more than political games by the Congolese demagogues to win votes and conceal their failures and incompetence. It is when they are perceived to be serious that what started as a political game causes unnecessary suffering for the entire population of the region.

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