In their overzealous bid to vilify Rwanda, Congo rulers inadvertently expose their fictions

Faced with too many issues to deal with, which they cannot simply wish away, Congolese authorities have since decided that the easiest way out is to turn Rwanda into a scapegoat. Tshisekedi has been badly failing at governing, so he has created an enemy called “Rwanda”, complete with fictions of “Rwanda helping M23.” To promote these fictions, they hunt down, and actively commit genocide and other crimes against humanity targeting Congolese Tutsi citizens.

But M23 is a group fighting for its rights within DRC, denied them by Tshisekedi and his genocidal agenda. In recent fighting the M23 spokesperson showed off their collection of captured weapons (debunking the lie that “Rwanda armed them”). The branding on the weapons left no room for the Congolese army to say the arms did not originally belong to them.

This embarrassing event comes after a relentless campaign of laying blame for M23 on Rwanda, with the Congolese army FARDC usually displaying heavily edited footage of what they called “made in Rwanda” military equipment. The FARDC’s fictions included claims that they they had captured during “encounters with their adversaries in Rutshuru.”

Before this, there was the UN Security Council meeting in which DRC authorities were asked to go and clean their house, beginning with the hate speech and xenophobia that they’ve been spewing against Rwanda, and Congolese Tutsi people.

The Congolese only whined that this was ‘betrayal in New York.’ After their intense diplomatic campaigns and expensive lobbying, the least they expected from the meeting was a resolution to completely shut down Rwanda. They failed with their childish lies.

Since then, the Congolese rulers have been acting irrationally, sulking at anyone who won’t agree with their outrageous narrative. In their recent outbursts, they whined to world powers, referring to them as “double-faced allies”, as if anyone owes Congolese anything. Childishly they expect everyone to just join their anti-Rwanda hysteria, which would then completely take attention away from Tshisekedi’s failures.

The problem for them is that they fail to see that their theatricals were bound to blow in their faces. They have to change, or the situation will only go from worse to worst.

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