Tshisekedi needs to divorce himself from blacklisted FDLR terrorist group

The evil alliance between the DR Congo military (FARDC) and FDLR, the notorious anti-Rwanda genocidal group, is now an open secret. The Tshisekedi regime is plotting to use the black-listed terrorist group to destabilize Rwanda, daily.

“It’s on record and with facts, DRC is supporting FDLR, and unfortunately with the knowledge of MONUSCO-the UN force on the ground,” President Kagame noted yesterday while speaking exclusively to RBA.

The president also spoke about the previous provocations in which FARDC and its ally FDLR shelled on several occasions multiple rockets into Rwanda, resulting in injuries and destruction of property let alone causing public panic.

The alliance between Tshisekedi and FDLR towards harming Rwanda’s security was also unmasked by the United Nations Group of Experts through a report published mid-last month.

The report brought it out clearly that Kinshasa guaranteed the FDLR full control of Virunga National Park bordering Rwanda and that the genocidal and terrorist group is currently using the park to re-organize itself by mainly doing mass recruitment across the eastern part of the country.

The report also brings to light that FDLR controls all businesses and operations within the park on the DRC side and all these revelations are a clear indication that President Tshisekedi, who also doubles as FARDC commander-in-chief props up the black-listed terrorist and genocidal group yet he should be fighting and disarming it for the betterment of his country and the region at large.

The Congolese regime has decided to downplay Rwanda’s quest to arrest FDLR criminals, bring them to book, or deport them to face trial for their role in the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, as well as other crimes of terrorism that they committed in the time afterwards.

It is high time for Tshisekedi to consider parting ways with FDLR since giving it a semblance of legitimacy will always boomerang on the peace and stability of his country, and the region at large.

The same president ought to know that “Ushirikiano wa Afrika Mashariki” as the mantra of EAC that his country joined recently, will always be like building castles in the air if FDLR is not routed as it remains the root cause of instability in the region.

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