Terrorist Rusesabagina’s daughter Carine Kanimba falsifies US government statements to push the disproved ‘innocence’ narrative as she solicits thousands of dollars from unwitting Western societies.

Along with her family members, Carine Kanimba continues to falsify statements that she attributes to the United States Government. Kanimba does all that not because she is concerned about her convicted terrorist father Rusesabagina, rather taking advantage of the situation to make money out if.

Kanimba initiated falsehoods which are now making rounds across anti-Rwanda social media platforms that The US State Department acknowledged that “Rusesabagina is wrongly detained”. Before one wonders if the US dictates or influences decisions made by courts in a sovereign state like Rwanda, it also begs a serious question, since when did the confused woman Kanimba speak on behalf of the US State Department? Truth of the matter is the US Administration has no made such a statement verbally neither did any state institution released an official statement inferring what she said.

Basically, Kanimba is an opportunist and a liar, this is not the first, she has made up such lies purportedly to save her terrorist father yet the young woman targets earning sympathy and thousands of dollars from unacquainted sympathizers. Kanimba’s lust for wealth will make her do anything to get money, and turn a blind eye on her father’s crimes and the plight of his victims.

Terrorist Rusesabagina, the leader of FLN terror group is a terrorist and he admitted so during his trial. His terror attacks killed scores and maimed hundreds others. His victims deserve justice not mockery, he is not “wrongly detained”; he wast tried with respect for due process and proven guilty.

Convicted terrorist Rusesabagina has a 25 years sentence to serve, and it’s not going to be changed by mere freedom and propaganda campaigns.

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