The louder they make noise, the harder they fall – RNC Safari dies

Terrorism never pays. One that joins terrorism will assuredly meet their end in bad ways.

Stanley Safari who fled Rwanda in 2009 (due to his crimes) and went to South Africa from where he joined RNC, is dead. Reliable reports are that he had fallen foul of terror mastermind Kayumba Nyamwasa.

Nyamwasa had failed to stop Safari’s young brother, Benjamin Ndagijimana alias Ndagije, from revealing secrets of RNC terror activities.

Ndagije, who too was a member of RNC but later abandoned the group to returned to Rwanda, has been all over the media revealing details about Nyamwasa’s terror operations against Rwanda. In fact, in an interview with Igihe TV, ( Ndagije revealed his plans to repatriate Safari. That spelt the death sentence for Stanley Safari. Nyamwasa silenced him, as any revelations by Safari would be devastating for RNC.

First of all Nyamwasa had been pressuring Safari to stop his brother from appearing in the media and spilling ‘RNC secrets’, but Safari was did nothing about it. To try to counter that. Nyamwasa made several appearances on the RNC propaganda channel Radio Itahuka to spew misinformation. But he had resolved to silence Safari.

Nyamwasa is very ruthless. Anyone that disagrees with him will be done for. When Patrick Karegeya fell out with him after fierce squabbles how to run RNC, Karegeya met his end. Also, Nyamwasa is yet to explain to the family of Rutabana where the man is!

The only thing one can say about Safari Stanley is a Kinyarwanda saying: “apfuye anukira inzira.”

The man however stank even while alive.

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