Relief as the most corrupt Kenneth Roth steps down as Human Rights Watch’s Executive Director

After more than three decades of a hate, bias-driven dedication towards Rwanda at the helm of misruling the Human Rights Watch, the human rights advocate impostor Kenneth Roth finally decided to step down.

Apart from the corruption scandals, he was involved in various countries like Saudi Arabia; Roth used his position to tirelessly mudsling Rwanda leadership, a battle he categorically failed to win. He would advocate in favor of terrorists like Paul Rusesabagina, the founder and sponsor of FLN- a terror group responsible for killing innocent Rwandan citizens.

The rights proponent impostor Roth will be remembered for having turned the Human Rights Watch into an political tool to support Genocidaires, Genocide deniers through publication of fake and biased reports, instead of advocating for the rights of victims and less privileged people as mandated under his duties and responsibilities.

Because of Roth’s poor and bad leadership, biased critics and half-baked reports, the Human Rights Watch has been much less of the rights watchdog, and is instead a shrill and biased political advocacy group.

It was only about time Roth stepped down because either way, he would have been fired only if the watchdog was professionally led.

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