FDU-Inkingi struggles to smear Rwanda under the guise of opposition political party

A while after President Emmanuel Macron was re-elected, FDU-Inkingi, a terrorist group wrote a congratulatory tweet to the president. In the tweet, the terrorist militia positioned itself as a legitimate opposition party in Rwanda and never missed a chance to include their usual fabricated allegations.

The tweet was just a tip of the iceberg of the terror group’s putrid mission to trivialize the Rwandan leadership through social media. There is a bunch of rogues agents that belong to the terrorist group like Theophile Mpozembizi, Pierre- Celestin Rwalinda, Joseph Bukeye to mention but a few, who unceasingly suffocate social media platforms on a daily basis, with disproved narratives full of distortions and half-baked accusations.

Those radical genocide deniers are closely linked to Ingabire Umuhoza Victoire, the terrorist group founder, who clandestinely run the group’s operations, after she deceitfully distanced herself from the group by creating a so-called party called “DALFA-Umurinzi”.

The mission of FDU-Inkingi goes beyond how these rogues gleefully endorse one another’s constant delusional tales that tarnish the image of Rwanda on social media platforms.

Furthermore, the group that is made of genocide convicts, like Charles Ndereyehe, Marcel Sebatware, Joseph Bukeye, who are always nostalgic of old days of PARMEHUTU government. The unrepentant criminals still solicit money to support FDLR– a blacklisted terror group responsible for several armed attacks on the Rwandan territories which claimed scores of innocent lives.

Doing all these shoddy operations, FDU-Inkingi members think, they will resurface and lead Rwanda again with the same dirty ideology that shredded the country. WHAT A PIPE DREAM!

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