Sex-for-grades pest Kambanda keeps squealing about Rwanda-UK Migration partnership deal

After Rwanda and UK signed the memorandum for the provision of a migration partnership deal, sex-for-grades “professor” Charles Kambanda aka RNC terrorist agent) has been having sleepless nights and ranting. Kambanda squeals in hope that the deal will be canceled. He will keep squealing in vain.

Kambanda writes his usual smears anti-Rwanda smears, like an unhinged nut.

But the partnership between UK and Rwanda is unstoppable, so, one wonders, will he hang himself?

Sex pest Kambanda, who at one time thought he could blackmail the government of Rwanda to give him a senior government position but failed, chose to run away, and gained membership into terrorism groups. After duping some academic institutions into giving him some work, the idler settled in, endlessly slandering the Rwandan leadership.

Kambanda is a loser, but one that can’t bear the thought of how much winning Rwanda does. Now he is just so bitter at Rwanda’s gesture to support asylum seekers. For this charlatan Kambanda, it would be much better if those hapless people died in the deserts or oceans!

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