Genocide ideologues wish history repeats itself under false guise of “freedom of expression”

In the wake of #Kwibuka28, Genocidaires and deniers continued their rituals of promoting the “double genocide” theories in a continuation of their affront to genocide survivors.

They flooded the social media platforms with insults under pseudo accounts. There was a vile video of one Mukankiko Sylivie, daughter of a genocide perpetrator, in a chest-thumping act, dismissing the importance of remembrance of the victims of genocide. Such utterances are what genocide deniers brand “freedom of speech”.

The unrepentant killers and their offspring continue to amplify single-sided reports of well-known anti-Rwanda human rights watchdogs, to deflect blame for their crimes against those that stopped the 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsi.

They also resort to other dirty tactics, like resurrecting the so-called “Mapping Report” a trashy report that never saw the light of the day. The so-called experts behind this trash intended to hijack the UN processes for the purposes of rewriting history (with concocted accusations against the Rwandan government).

Their political agenda, sponsored by certain revisionist Europeans, is well known. And it is old.

The deniers are like a beaten team of villains who think they retain any relevance. They are deluded. They should know that they are firing blanks.

Rwanda is now unified more than ever, and her people have learnt, never again!

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