Genocide denier Ruhumuriza Mbonyumutwa misinterprets Gen Kabarebe’s #Kwibuka28 remarks to suit his disproved denialism narrative

It is a habit for every Jambo ASBL member just like Ruhumuriza Mbonyumutwa, to always spin the remarks of Rwandan officials in their quest to hurl smears against the country through their ridiculous lies.

The genocide ideology crusader Ruhumuriza jumped on Gen James Kabarebe’s #Kwibuka28 remarks to twist his message in the hopes of suiting his denialism narrative. Gen Kabarebe was discussing the stages of the liberation struggle in which Rwandan aspiring leaders draw inspiration and lessons from. In his remarks the General urged the youth to preserve the history and defend it against distortions by the genocide deniers like Mbonyumutwa and his Jambo ASBL cronies.

Being one of the culprits Gen Kabarebe was talking about, the message hit Ruhumuriza hard, in his failed attempt to make a quick rejoinder, the rogue ideologue claimed that Rwandan youth don’t want to engage in the fight against genocide denialism. However he’s wrong because majority of the people on the frontline of debunking lies and fighting the genocide ideology are of the young generation.

Ruhumuriza can’t grasp the fact that the genocide ideology is only stuck in the minds of genocidaires and their offsprings like Mbonyumutwa himself.

Ruhumuriza’s genocide denial and hate towards Rwanda is not a coincidence considering he hails from a pedigree of genocidaires. He inherited the genocide ideology from his PARMEHUTU and genocidaire grandfather Mbonyumutwa Dominique.

Ruhumuriza’s relentless efforts to mislead the Rwandan youths are futile, the genocide ideology has no place in the Rwandan society.

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