Human Rights Watch goes against asylum seekers’ rights

Whenever it comes to Rwanda’s achievements, Kenneth Roth – we’ll known for corruption when he pocketed money to do the bidding of certain governments – and his Human Rights Watch go overboard and in their hatchet jobs against the country.

Following the newly inked Rwanda-UK Migration Partnership deal, the biased HRW published a piece supposedly showing how “sending asylum seekers to Rwanda is cruelty.” It is another of those fictions that illustrate best how HRW and its master Roth are mere political hacks, running an agenda completely different from actual human rights concerns.

Rwanda prioritizes safety and well-being of refugees, the record shows. Rwanda being a country whose leaders and people have experienced challenges as refugees in the past, has unfailingly offered to extended compassion and humility to struggling refugees from everywhere, offering them a chance at a dignified, decent life.

HRW will never mention this. It doesn’t fit their narrative.

The asylum seekers Rwanda is prepared to help (in partnership with UK) have been struggling, have been exploited by people smugglers, and suffered in so many other ways to reach European countries. Many unlucky ones have died in the process, most of them drowning in the oceans while others got cheated of money by human-trafficking gangs.

But as obvious as all this is, the likes of HRW is too biased on Rwanda to recognize that the country is being compassionate by putting people’s lives first. Rwanda’s readiness to restore the dignity of these helpless people however is something the corrupt HRW, and others like them, completely distort as “rights abuses.”

They write smears and call them “reports.”

On this occasion they have gone against the rights or wellbeing of the refugees.

Again, HRW and Kenneth Roth have never cared about the actual rights of people.

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