Misguided Aljazeera offers a platform to an unrepentant Genocide denier, Ingabire to peddle more of her misinformation

In her quest for absolving herself from genocidal denial crimes and legitimizing herself as an opposition figure; genocide ideologue and parmehutu apostle, Ingabire Umuhoza Victoire wrote an op-ed with Aljazeera media house, where she twisted the genesis of her ‘political’ journey.

In the story, Ingabire wanted to delude the readers, that she started her political journey with FDU-Inkingi (a terrorist group). However, the parmehutu ideologue will not tell us about her links with RDR (Republican Rally for Democracy) an organization of defeated genocidaires leaders like Théoneste Bagosora, Tharcisse Renzaho, Ferdinand Nahimana – created to rearm and forcefully return to Rwanda to topple the government and finish off the remaining Tutsi. Of course, RDR is where Ingabire inherited her Parmehutu convictions and her ever dream is, seeing a Hutu Power government ruling Rwanda.

Now as Ingabire is enduring the pain of having a parmehutu insignia she can’t easily change and being a criminal who isn’t legitimate for politics. She has opted for an agenda of sanctifying herself as she continues to falsify stories about Rwanda.

Ingabire also ignored the fact that she was a convict of genocide denialism. While in prison the rogue woman wrote three letters to President Kagame apologizing and seeking the presidential clemency. In her letters she declared her “unreserved desire to join forces in building the country”. But since the clemency was issued, Ingabire didn’t change. We have seen Ingabire psychologically manipulating youth with her double genocide and denialism theories.

Ingabire will write tons of Op-eds tarnishing Rwanda, but her half-baked lies and smears will not hold neither will they change who she is; she is an unrepentant genocide denier.

Ingabire will never be a legitimate politician.

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