The RNC terrorist fraternity are still coming out of their hiding holes in numbers, and are howling after their fellow terror agent Robert Mukombozi was unceremoniously deported from Uganda

Frenzied panic has compelled even their most illiterate to rush to social media to express their frustrations, hoping their sponsor, senile despot Museveni, will intervene and offer them some kind of assurance of safety.

One of them is Kayumba Nyamwasa’s notorious nephew, a torturer of innocent Rwandans called Rugema Kayumba, who recently threatened that the RNC “would resort to suicide bombing.”

Momentarily forgetting the predicament facing him and other RNC agents due to confusion resulting from the panic, Kayumba Rugema delved into the trial of fellow terrorist Rusesabagina whose 25 years sentence was confirmed by the Supreme Court yesterday.

Kayumba Rugema has a reason to fear what befell Rusesabagina because he knows the same fate awaits him and all other RNC terror agents. His uncle Kayumba Nyamwasa already has a 24 years sentence passed by the military court in 2011 waiting for him.

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