Rwandan president’s official visits a real pain for RNC Himbara, great!

Under the influence of illegal substances, as usual RNC mouthpiece David Himbara – who is on the payroll of Rujugiro solely to tarnish Rwanda – can only maintain his payroll through peeping at the travel schedule of the president of Rwanda.

Presidential visits symbolize progress and recognition, and both stir the animosity of Himbara aka Murunganwa. As I have said in the recent past, Himbara is like a roadside dog barking at every passing vehicle. That will not stop the vehicles reaching their destination. This man, who for a long time fraudulently called himself a professor (until he was found out and lost his job in academia) only has the gig of badmouthing Rwanda, pathetically getting pay for that from Tribert Rujugiro.

Himbara however has to remember a head of state has work, and isn’t idle like him. The president isn’t taking vacation trips, but state and official visits to serve the interests of Rwanda, a country that is a player on a global stage. So, Murunganwa questioning a head of state travelling for work is a sign not only of his unhealthy obsession, but also his short sighted mindset and inability to grasp that Rwanda is not the small, insignificant country he wants people to think.

Himbara can spew sour grapes, but Rwanda is net winner, gaining more international cooperation, investments, and a lot more, from such trips.

The caravan moves on and the dog barks helplessly.

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