A bunch of genocidaires and genocide deniers shape up a tired narrative to publicize the so-called Happiness Index that Rwandans are not happy.

The notion is spearheaded by a genocide ideologues funded association, Jambo ASBL that aims at whitewashing the crimes of the genocide perpetrators whom are parents or relatives of the handlers of the association.

The dimwitted genocide ideology crusaders are spinning the report to paint a picture that Rwandans are not happy with the current leadership in the hopes of instigating violence and sowing divisions amongst the Rwandan people.

Jambo ASBL members have realized that engaging in acts of denialism of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsis will not help in the accomplishment of their objectives. They are now weaponizing anything that castigates the Rwandan government.

As matter of fact, the current government doesn’t discriminate its citizen by tribe, region or religion as opposed to what the genocidal regime was doing.

Jambo ASBL minions should acknowledge the fact that their criminal parents destroyed and fled the country, which is now being developed in all aspects. Their obsession with tarnishing the Rwandan image however will keep exposing the morally bankrupt reactionaries they are. They are twisting the report because it goes in line with their anti-Rwanda agenda.

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