Genocidaires’ Jambo News get off on the wrong foot by peddling lies with so-called “Happiness Index”

Jambo news, a Genocidaire affiliated platform taps into the recent shallow “Happiness Index” to smear the Rwandan government. The so called-report has been discredited by competent bodies due to lack of credibility and accuracy in their surveys as well as publications.

The shocking yet surprising fact is the way Jambo quotes the rotten Human Rights Watch- a renowned corrupt, biased watchdog that publishes politically motivated reports on Rwanda with an objective to undermine her current leadership.

Any right-thinking person would question how the Happiness Index chose to ignore obvious facts about Rwanda’s stupendous performance across various sectors. For instance, the country’s respect for the Rule of Law stands at 87,08%, Access to Justice is at 86.2%, Safety and Security 95.47, whereas Citizen Participation is 89.06%. This alone casts doubt on the Jambo News’ much-taunted Happiness Index; why would anyone rate Rwandan Citizens as the unhappiest in the region with such level of participation in their country’s affairs both in safety, socio- economic development aspects.

On false accusations of arbitrary arrests, incarcerations and disappearances, Jambo builds its argument on renowned members of terrorists groups such as Rwanda National Congress-RNC, FDU-Inkingi among others, to claim that people disappear in Rwanda. It emerged that the purported missing people are found in the Democratic Republic of Congo jungles taking part in terror activities destabilizing the DRC and the Great Lakes Region at large.

Jambo News laid a funny egg yet again while dragging the Rwandan government in the handling of its negative elements like Cassien Ntamuhanga. Terrorist-In-chief Kayumba Nyamwasa recruited the clown Cassien after breaking out of Jail where he was serving his sentence on terrorism-related crimes. He’s currently in South Africa serving the same terrorist group which openly declared war on Rwanda’s democratically elected leadership.

Rwanda has independent judicial systems, we have seen courts acquitting people of crimes and others handed sentences in accordance with the weight of the crimes committed as stipulated in the country’s Penal Code.

Jambo News dodged to mention that, the so-called journalists most of them YouTubers like Hassan Cyuma, Rashid Hakuzimana, Idamange Iryamugwiza were all recruited by Genocidaires funded foreign agencies to libel the Rwandan government through propagation of hate speech and falsehoods.

That’s their only selling card.

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