Ingabire needs political classes

Ingabire Umuhoza Victorie posted a five-minute video on her so-called party Dalfa Umulinzi’s YouTube platform. In the video dubbed “the roadmap for a promising future of Rwanda” that featured his ally Bernard Ntaganda, the parmehutu ideologue Ingabire deliberately downplayed all efforts done by the government since 1994 while she espoused as always her double genocide theories under the false banner of “highly inclusive inter-Rwandan dialogue”.

First off, Ingabire who was previously sentenced for endangering state security and denying the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, doesn’t learn; it is as if her brain is a sieve. She is still that mulish who advocates for the Hutu remembrance as if they were targeted.

In 1997, Ingabire who seeks dialogues with a legitimate government, joined RDR (Republican Rally for Democracy) an organization of defeated genocidaires leaders created to rearm and forcefully return to Rwanda to finish off the genocide against the Tutsi. She also led other terrorist groups like FDU-Inkingi and funded a FDLR on several occasions.

What the genocide ideology promoter Ingabire who awarded people like John Philpot, the man who eulogized Bagosora the architect of the Genocide against the Tutsi as “a hero and a respected man” can really bring on the table rather than her discrimination, denialism and revisionism.

Ingabire Victoire is that illegitimate person with a despicable record who deserves no attention and who must know that power is gained through elections not negotiations.

Nothing is more inclusive than elections.

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