Chief RNC propaganda mouthpiece David Himbara aka Murunganwa has always loathes seeing the Rwandan economy soar, and grow.

It explains why he is a voyeur, a peeping Tom always perusing any sort of good news about Rwanda, to spin it into negativity (and claim a paycheck from Tribert Rujugiro, who is committed to giving Murunganwa his daily crumbs.

In his latest rant, the shameless old man in his seventies is trying to discred the new statistics on the Rwanda economy as a ‘lie’, using wild claims to question the authenticity of the data posted. He hoped Rwanda’s economy would not survive the Covid-19 pandemic and the resultant effects on global economies.

Sustaining the laughable RNC narrative (that “Rwanda is failed”) Murunganwa the paid liar resurrects the lie that the border closure could ostensibly have dented the Rwandan economy “beyond recovery.” He is in apparent denial of the fact that if the border closure affected anyone, it was the chief sponsor of the terrorist grouping he belongs to.

Despite the wishes of the RNC and their sponsors, the resilient Rwandan economy will continue to grow and thrive through all sorts of turbulence.

And Murunganwa will still lead his aimless life of fabricating lies, for the crumbs that Rujugiro throws him.

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