Rusesabagina apologists entertaining themselves with propaganda of “extraordinary rendition”

Paul Rusesabagina, portrayed as a hero in a Hollywood movie about Rwanda's 1994 genocide, sits inside a courtroom in Kigali, Rwanda February 26, 2021. REUTERS/Clement Uwiringiyimana/File Photo

The UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention as one of the thematic special procedures overseen by the United Nations Human Rights Council has deliberately mentioned that it is a crummy propaganda that started “Rusesabagina was kidnapped”, and has now become “extraordinary rendition.”

The working group and other terrorism apologists, claim that Rusesabagina is “not enjoying some articles of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.” However, Rusesabagina, who has been convicted of terrorism as a founder and financier of the FLN by a court process, has all his rights in prison, along with 20 co-accused terrorists.

The propaganda claims that “Rusesabagina was renditioned to Rwanda.”

But no one forced him to take a plane (that delivered him to Kigali) rather, he entered on his free will. He thought he was on one of his anti Rwanda terrorist missions, only to find himself at Kanombe. No one tied him up, and even his doctors said there is nothing wrong with his health.

The apologists of the convicted terror suspect keep claiming he is “a humanitarian!” Maybe to them a “humanitarian” is someone that commands armed groups that shoot people dead and burn vehicles and property.

That is their business.

Rwanda’s business is to find justice for its people.

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