RNC propagandist Himbara vents his bitterness after RNC senile sponsor is globally isolated

Canada-based RNC propagandist, drug addict David Himbara aka Murunganwa is bitter that the RNC chief protector, Ugandan dictator Museveni has been effectively isolated on the global scene.

The terrorist propagandist is trumpeting Museveni’s only invited in several years when he attended the Regional Oversight Mechanism under the Peace, Security, and Cooperation Framework in Kinshasa in February. Addict Himbara deliberately avoids mentioning that Museveni received this isolated invite because the world knows him for causing instability in the region. Instead, the phone academic Murunganwa accuses the president of Rwanda of not attending the Summit in Kinshasa and claims this shows the president is avoiding regional counterparts.

The only other time senile Museveni made an outing was when he flew to Congo Brazzaville and on to Senegal in February after he missed several international events for heads of state. To bury his embarrassment, Museveni quickly put together a ploy to find some relevance. He created a shoddy initiative he called the ‘African global security foundation’ which he sold to a few reluctant counterparts ostensibly as a ‘deterrent against coup d’états.’ Even then, many of his counterparts politely declined his invite and the initiative was a flop, which saw his own man Amama Mbabazi appointed the chairman as a piloted way of telling the senile despot: ‘return to sender.’

This pains senile Museveni, which is the reason the RNC propagandists like the druggie Himbara are attacking the President of Rwanda with wild claims.

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