RNC propagandist, terrorist David Himbara now wants to hide behind the tired ‘critic’ label

One of the most prolific RNC terror propagandists David Himbara aka Murunganwa has joined his terrorist friends Obed Katureebe alias RPF Gakwerere, Sulah Nuwamanya and Rugema Kayumba in ranting after sensing renewed energy to expose their terror activities.

In so doing, the RNC terror propagandist is advancing a juvenile narrative that seeks to portray their hostile RNC propaganda against Rwanda as ‘criticism’.

The RNC propagandists are keen on creating a distraction by selling themselves as ‘critics’ as a way of camouflaging their entrenched terror activities in all parts of Uganda.

The initiatives by Gen. Muhoozi to mend relations between Uganda and Rwanda is definitely not good news to the RNC terrorists. Rwanda’s demands for the restoration of relations with Uganda are clearly and articulately presented since the beginning of the efforts to mend relations four years ago.

The presence or outfit propagandists operating on Ugandan soil from where they have been spewing toxic messages against Rwandan leaders are no doubt part of the problem. Therefore, if the problem is to be comprehensively dealt with and relations restored in all sincerity, the Uganda government must deal with all the RNC propagandists they have been according to utmost hospitality.

Their sudden masking as ‘critics’ will not deceive anyone. Rwanda has tabled damning evidence of their activities at every forum in mending forums that have taken place since 2019. All the Uganda government has to do is round them up and hand them over for justice to take its course.

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